15%Off On Hybrid Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows | Code: SUMMER15
5%Off On Memory Foam Mattresses | Code: BLISS
15%Off On Hybrid Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows | Code: SUMMER15
5%Off On Memory Foam Mattresses | Code: BLISS
novilla bliss memory foam mattress
Novilla Bliss Memory Foam Mattress
Novilla Bliss Memory Foam Mattress
Novilla Bliss Memory Foam Mattress
Novilla Bliss Memory Foam Mattress
Novilla Bliss Memory Foam Mattress
Novilla Bliss Memory Foam Mattress
Novilla Bliss 10

    Novilla Bliss 10" Memory Foam Mattress

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    About The Mattress

    Our Bliss mattress is designed with 4 different layers of foam to provide you with a cloud-like experience.

    Gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The high-density foam conforms to your spine and evenly distributes your body weight to relieve pressure. The bamboo fabrics covering the mattress enhances breathability by 30%.

    It can be exciting to receive a mattress delivered to your front door, that is rolled and compressed into a box. Follow the instructions in our User Manual and watch your mattress unfold. It is recommended that you wait 72 hours to let your mattress fully expand.

    Top Features

    - Two thickness options: 10-inch and 12-inch

    - Available mattress sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

    - 10-year warranty

    - 30-day sleep trial

    - Free shipping

    - Gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool & stay comfortable all night

    - CertiPUR-US Certified foam, without any harmful off-gassing and substances

    - Machine washable bamboo cover for simple care

    - Compressed for convenient shipping and easy setup

    - Suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

    - Fits all bed frames e.g. box spring frames, bed foundations, adjustable beds, hospital beds, flat platform, etc.


    What will be in my package

    1x Novilla mattress | 1x Novilla User Manual & Warranty Card | 1x Package Opener

    Bliss 10" Memory Foam MattressTwin SizeFull SizeQueen SizeKing Size
    Dimensions39" x 75" x 10"54" x 75" x 10”60" x 80" x10"76" x 80" x 10"
    Shipping Size14" x 14" x 41"19" x 19" x 30"20" x 20" x 33"20" x 20" x 41"
    Shipping Weight32.8lbs45.9lbs51.1lbs65.2lbs

    How firm are Novilla mattresses?

    Novilla memory foam mattresses fall into the medium-firm firmness level. This level of firmness works well for a wide range of body types and sleeping positions. This is because there is enough support to reduce pressure points while not permitting excessive sinking into the mattress.

    Novilla Bliss Memory Foam Mattress
    Novilla Mattress Stay Cool When Sleeping

    stay cool when sleeping

    Novilla Mattress Isolate Movement

    isolate movement

    Novila Mattress Edge Support

    edge support

    Novilla Mattress Supports the Spine Properly

    supports the spine properly

    Novilla Mattress Antibacterial Hypoallergenic

    antibacterial & hypoallergenic

    How can Novilla mattresses help you sleep well?

    Press the numbers to explore the features of Novilla mattress

    Novilla Best Memory Foam Mattress Superstructure1
    Novilla Best Memory Foam Mattress Middle Structure2
    Novilla Best Memory Foam Mattress Understructure3

    Organic bamboo charcoal fiber+ Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam + Airflow Comfort Foam

    Novilla chose bamboo fiber as it is very breathable. It is resistant against mold, dust mites, pet dander, and various other allergens. This makes it an ideal mattress for people who suffer from bacteria-allergies. It is also safe to use during pregnancy and for children.The cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam was used to dispense your body heat and keep you cool while you sleep.

    Air-Circulation Foam

    The enhanced air circulation inside the mattress forms a massage effect during sleep. The mattress also is motion-isolated so that you can sleep in peace while your partner tosses and turns, and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

    Supportive High Density Base Foam

    The high-density foam we used provides good support for your body, relaxes your muscles, and helps keep your spine aligned to reduce back pain.

    Why You Should Buy From Us?

    Novilla Mattress Sleep Good For Body
    Good For Your Body

    Novilla Mattresses will help you improve the quantity and quality of your sleep so that you can sleep better, feel better, think better, and perform better. Get the sleep you deserve.

    Novilla Cheap Mattress
    Good For Your Budget

    All Novilla products are reasonably priced. We ship our products from our factories directly to you so that you can get the lowest cost with the highest return.

    Novilla Organic Mattress
    Good For The Environment

    At Novilla, all our foam has a CertiPUR-US® Certification. The mattress covers are made from natural, environmentally friendly, organic bamboo carbon fiber material, free of harmful substances to make sure you sleep safely.

    Novilla Mattress In A Box
    And Come With a Good Warranty!

    Sleep experts agree that it can take 2-3 weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress, which is why we offer a 30-day full refund policy on all our mattresses and mattress toppers. Should you encounter any quality problems after that, feel free to contact our support team as all our mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty.