World Sleep Day - 50% Off Selected Mattresses, Up to 70% Off Everything Else Detail
World Sleep Day - 50% Off Selected Mattresses, Up to 70% Off Everything Else Detail
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novilla mattress

How to choose the best mattress for your sleep position?

If you are suffering from back pain or poor sleep, then maybe it’s the time for you to change your mattress. But before making the choices, Novilla suggest you to start with some research. For instance, memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses can offer different support to your body while you are sleeping. So it is better to take your usual position (side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper) into consideration when you need to buy a new mattress.

Back Sleeper

Back sleeping is probably one of the most popular sleeping position among people, also it is considered to be a healthy sleeping way. This kind of sleeping position is good for your spine and has relatively less pressure on your back, neck and head. However, if you are a snoring sleeper or a pregnant woman, then it might not be a good sleep position for you. Since back sleeping requires a high level of support for your back, it is recommend that you choose a firm mattress, such as Hybrid mattress. With a firmer mattress, it can provide you with enough support to your spine and so that you can have a good night sleep. Click here to check Novilla Hybrid Mattress.

Side Sleeper

If you are a snoring person, then side sleeping position is perfect for you. Sleeping on the side can reduce snoring and lead to better digestion. There are two kinds of side sleeping positions: fetal and log. The fetal position means you put your legs and arms bent while log position means you sleep with your arms and legs straight. Both of those two sleeping positions are very common among people. Side sleeping position is a considered to be a good position for pregnant woman as it helps the flow of blood and can reduce the risk of stillbirth. Considering that side sleeping position is much curvier than other positions, you will have to choose a mattress which is good for pressure relief, such as a memory foam mattress. The memory foam mattresses are usually softer and easier for you to sink into the bed. With a good mattress like Novilla Memory Foam Mattress, you don’t have to change your sleeping position anymore and can enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed night.

Stomach Sleeper

While stomach sleeping is not the best sleeping position, it can reduce snoring in some degree. Even you sleep with a stomach position, you will have to breathe when you are sleeping. So when people are sleeping on this position, they will usually turn their head to one side or another. Due to the fact that sleeping on your stomach puts stress on your spine, you might want to ensure you have chosen the right mattress. A good mattress for stomach sleepers are usually firm enough and can support your spine. Don’t choose a soft mattress if you sleep on your stomach. If your mattress is too soft, you will wake up with back and neck pain with no doubt. Novilla Hybrid Mattress provide your spine with perfect support and is a good option for stomach sleepers.

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Although today we have so many good quality mattresses in the market, you may still feel overwhelm when you are choosing the mattress. To avoid back and neck pain in the morning, choosing a right mattress that can provide the right support is essential. Novilla has offered you multiple choices from soft memory foam mattress to semi-firm hybrid mattress. Now, it’s time to start your dream journey and have a nice sleep with Novilla Mattress!

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