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10% OFF on Yozora toppers | Use code: mom

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“ I was so nervous to order this online and a boxed mattress for the first time. I absolutely love it!! Its amazingly comfortable and I’m so glad I bought from the Novilla company.”

---Lauren C

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Novilla Memory Foam Mattress

“ It came in a small size box very easy to carry.The normal mattress always hurts my back, but this one is so comfortable that makes me never want to wake up again.”

---Andy W

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Novilla Vitality Hybrid Mattress

“This Novilla Serenity Hybrid Mattress is top tier, I’ve never had a mattress like this ever. And the best part about this is the price. I can tell Novilla is about sleep life okay, 2021 here I come well-rested Amen Thank you Novilla!”

---Diana F

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Novilla Serenity Hybrid Mattress

"Recently, my back has been hurting more-so than usual so I decided to invest in this mattress pad. What I like most about it is how thick it is - 4 inches is the perfect size for a topper. So far, I've been waking up with dramatically less back pain, which I associate with this mattress-pad. Overall, excellent mattress topper."

---Kate E

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Novilla Yozara Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Novilla products offer high-quality materials at an affordable price-point. With an extra layer of adaptive polyfoam, the mattress is plush and supportive without sacrificing your budget.

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I think both back sleepers and stomach sleepers should be pretty happy on this mattress. It’s on the firmer side, so it should give them the support they need to achieve a neutral spinal alignment.

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A high-quality mattress for side sleeping doesn’t need to drain your savings account. Case in point: the budget-friendly Novilla Serenity Hybrid is constructed from premium materials and boasts a comfortable, sophisticated design that rivals many of its costlier competitors. The mattress features a comfort layer of adaptive memory foam that contours to the body and distributes weight, while sturdy pocketed coils create a responsive surface feel without producing too much motion transfer.

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This high-density memory foam mattress topper perfectly adapts to the curves of your body, keeps your spine aligned, provides relief to pressure points, and prevents shoulder, back, and hip pain. This mattress topper from Novilla is best suited for all types of sleepers whether they are side, back, or stomach sleepers. This mattress uses Open cell and egg crate foam structure design that enhances the air regulation makes it breathable and prevents overheating so that you can have a cool and comfortable sleep.

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Novilla are a good brand of mattress to buy because even though they are some of the cheapest mattresses that you can buy online, they are made from high-quality materials, appeal to a wide range of sleeper types, and have excellent customer reviews.

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That doesn’t mean you need to spend anywhere near $1,000 to get a great deal on a premium mattress. In fact, we found Novilla that makes an outstanding memory/gel foam mattress that sells for $339 in queen size, a mattress that will rock your world

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