Coffee Table Styling Tips for Your Home
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How to Style a Coffee Table
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How to Style a Coffee Table

What is placed on the top of the coffee table is not only an essential component of the home style but also a reflection of the owner’s preferences and way of life. The coffee table is typically the first thing visitors notice after they are seated on the sofa. How to style your coffee table and make it more harmonious with your overall vibe, here are 7 tips, let’s delve into it and see if it helps.

Living Room

1. Using Trays

A neat and chic coffee table can look pleasing to the eye, and the trays can store some small knick-knacks or scattered items, making the coffee table look cleaner and tidier. Also, the materials and shapes of trays can add a different atmosphere, trays made of leather can provide a touch of vintage appeal, and the worn-in leather tends to smell well and appear more stylish. Enamel and porcelain trays give it a delicate and compact feel, and the range of hues adds to the lively atmosphere. You can choose optimal materials, colors, as well as patterns according to the overall style of your living room and the ambiance you want to create.

Using Trays

2. Books

Choose books with artistic or vivid color covers, bold typefaces, and casual styles that reflect the owner’s preferences and interests. A more relaxed atmosphere is created by choosing books that you can nestle on the sofa to read them. Avoid the rookie mistake that setting up a stack of think books or newspapers, unless you’ve put them on the trays, in most cases, the books should be substantial and thick. In addition, make sure the books you furnish out should be in line with the vibe of the living room.

Books in the Coffee Table

3. Art Ornament

Choose a few miniature works of art or ornaments that express your personality and lay them on the tray or as an adornment on top of the book. If you want to enhance the ambiance, delicate lighting is also a nice option.

Art Ornament

4. Fresh Florals and Vase

A great way to keep your living room fresh is to change your floral arrangement frequently, in accordance with the seasons. There is no doubt that flowers will change the mood to a pleasant one because of how beautiful it is. The height of the vase also adds a sense of visual fall and compensates for the low feel of the coffee table. Additionally, vases of different heights can also add a sense of hierarchy to the coffee table, you can feast your eyes with the up and down of the ornaments.

Fresh Florals and Vase

5. Metal Accessories

It can be a metal art ornament or a silver fruit plate, different materials can increase the richness of the coffee table and a sense of hierarchy, silver fruit plate not only increases the fun of life, but a variety of fruit colors can also bring visual enjoyment. The self-storage effect is the classic way to make full use of limited space, a coffee table with extra storage space can spare your room, allowing you can enjoy a more spacious entertainment zone.

Metal Accessories

6. Candles

Although the aesthetic of your coffee table decor is important, other senses can also promote the vibe. Fragrance candles are a good tactic that transfers a good smell, the swaying candlelight can also add warmth. If you are concerned about the risk of flames, try candle melting lamps, the combination of scented candles and lamps can make it better.


7. Fabric Textiles

Various textures can deliver different feels, glossy vases, shiny artwork, and so on. You can see so many bloggers have posted their decorations with various colored and patterned tablecloths or square towels to change the mood of the entire room. Simple fabric textiles can also add a distinct sensation to the coffee table. Besides, different ways of folding tablecloths can also create a completely different atmosphere for the living room.

Fabric Textiles


The various objects of varying heights on the table, including metal orbs, ceramic gourds, utensil ornaments, and coffee, were all infused with a sense of design and art, enhancing people's aesthetic sensitivities and inspiring them to experience the beautiful delight of life. Unusual double-open coffee table splicing, a merged coffee table can be used separately or in combination. Simple hue, rounded and full shapes, stylish and refined design—all while preserving the original wood's special warm touch and rustic undertones. closer to the original natural beauty for pure visual enjoyment, enhancing the quality of the home.

How to Style a Coffee Table Conclusion

In the pursuit of a simple life back to the basics, you can choose solid wood plus natural marble, not only in line with the public aesthetic but also a certain visual surprise, simple and pastoral appearance, more conducive to adding a sense of tranquility in the space. The bottom of the cabinet crosses a storage recess design, a rich hierarchy, you can store various sizes of objects. The smooth contour lines and the classic soft package pull button neutralize the sense of simple design and exude unique charm. The perfect volume and design allow the qualities of modern style to manifest in the minimalist craftsman. It is placed between the sofa and the TV, or between the sofa and the chair. Either way, it is important not to block the view with items that are too high or too large. Should you enjoy your leisure time with your friends or family in the living room, the living room indispensably needs to hold a space like a coffee table to feel the ritual of life.