Full Size Mattress Buying Guide
Memorial Day Sale - Buy any two mattresses get free pillows. Detail
Memorial Day Sale - Buy any two mattresses get free pillows. Detail

Full Size Mattresses Buying Guide

How to get a better sleep? In addition to developing good sleep habits, it is important to choose a mattress that is most comfortable for yourself. If you want to buy a full size mattress, both mattress thickness and type are the key considerations for your choice. Recently, memory foam and hybrid mattress are the most popular options for its affordable price, conforming feel, and motion isolation, etc. And, a full size mattress usually ranges from 8 to 16 inches thick, providing sleepers with different firmness levels and sleeping comfort.

Full Size Mattresses Buying Guide- Novilla serenity 10 inch hybrid mattress Firmer Spinal Support For Back Pain

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Full Size Mattresses Buying Guide- Novilla serenity 10 inch hybrid mattress Firmer Spinal Support For Back Pain

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In this full size mattress buying guide, we will discuss different types of full size mattresses, their advantages, and who they are best for.

Best Full Size Hybrid Mattresses

Best for pain relief - Vitality 12" Hybrid Mattress 
Best budget spine alignment mattress - Serenity 10" Hybrid Mattress 

The best value hybrid mattress should be durable, responsive and pressure-relieving. For example, Novilla Serenity hybrid mattress, available in 10-inch thickness, is the most supportive mattress of Novilla, delivering enhanced full support for stomach, back and combo sleepers and ensuring proper spine alignment for lightweight and average people. And Vitality hybrid mattress is our bestselling pocket coil mattress, offering advanced support with the highest level of comfort. The softer feel of foam-on-coil is best for those who suffer from back pain, side, back & combination sleepers. And below are more details.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Full Size Serenity 10" Hybrid MattressFull Size Vitality 12" Hybrid Mattress
Who it's best for:
● Value seekers & hot sleepers
● Average size single adults, teens, or kids
● Innerspring mattress fans
Who it's best for:
● Single adults, teens, or kids
● Heavy person friendly
● Those who value pain relief 
✔ Comes with a medium-firm feel
✔ 4800 square inches sleeping surface
✔ Gel-infused memory foam and breathable bamboo cover for a cooling night’s sleep
✔ The pocket coil layer and high-density base foam for great support and durability  
✔ Comes with a medium-firm feel in a softer level
✔ 4800 square inches sleeping surface
✔ Topped with thicker memory foam and comfort foam for even distribution of undue stress  

Best Full Size Memory Foam Mattresses

Best value - Bliss 10" Memory Foam Mattress 
Best plush memory foam mattress - Bliss 12" Memory Foam Mattress 

Memory foam, also referred to viscoelastic or temper foam, is an open-cell variety of flexible polyurethane foam (FPF). With a wide application of mattress industry, Memory foam mattress provides sleepers a more comfortable sleeping surface during night. But as a kind of temperature sensitive material, it will make you sleep hotter than the rest. In order to eliminate this shortcoming, Novilla full size memory foam mattresses are made with the best cooling gel-infused foam for temperature control in a comfortable level. And there are two thickness levels for you (10-inch vs. 12-inch thick memory foam mattress). 

Full Size Bliss 10" Memory Foam MattressFull Size Bliss 12" Memory Foam Mattress
Who it's best for:
● Back and stomach sleepers
● Those who tend to sleep hot
● Petite \ single adults
Who it's best for:
● Side and combo sleepers
● Singles or who wants to share a bed with kid or pet
● Those who enjoy plush comfort
✔ Best for budget
 ✔ Best cooling gel-infused memory foam layer ensures a cooling effect and pressure-relieving comfort
✔ Multi-layer foams ensure contouring support in medium-firm level
✔ Thicker high-density foam supportive layer for greater support
✔ Multiple foam layers ensure softer comfort
✔ Gel memory foam keeps you cool all night

A full size bed is suitable for most singles or those who needs to share a bed with a kid or pet. And the choice of hybrid mattress or memory foam mattress varies from person to person. Everyone values different comfort, support, ant thickness, etc. Depending on your needs, may you pick the best full mattress in Novilla or other else.  

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