Better Sleep: Pillow or No Pillow? | Tips & Facts
Memorial Day Sale - Buy any two mattresses get free pillows. Detail
Memorial Day Sale - Buy any two mattresses get free pillows. Detail
Is it better to sleep without a pillow

Is it better to sleep without a pillow

In our cognition, a nice pillow always plays an indispensable role in a comfortable sleeping experience. And we'll notice that a quite number of people have, since their birth up until the present moment, relied heavily upon the use of a pillow during each sleep. Thus, it's very reasonable to say that many people couldn't leave the pillow behind if they want to have a good sleep.
Recently, there have been claims that sleeping without a pillow can have more benefits than with one. Maybe, this would challenge the traditional role of the pillow.
They complain that every pillow they have gotten has been amazing when new but after 3 years, it is as flat and uninteresting as any other pillow.
Of course, the experience of sleep doesn't only depend on the pillow, it varies from person to person. So, how can sleeping with or without a pillow affect us? Read our analysis to find out the pros and cons.

The relationship between sleeping postures and pillow

Actually, whether or not you should sleep with a pillow depends on your sleeping posture. Here:

The relationship between sleeping postures and pillow

How to judge if you need a pillow

Specifically, the key role pillow plays in sleep is to help align your head, neck and spine.
Therefore, if you are a stomach sleeper, it's reasonable to sleep with a very thin pillow to support yourself. Or you could put a pillow under your stomach. This will help you keep your head, neck and spine in a comfortable situation.
If you happen to be one who sleeps on your back or side, please consider taking a moment to review these pieces of expert advice : "If a person sleeps without a pillow and feels good after sleeping - everything is fine. There's also no point forcing oneself to sleep without a pillow if one is already accustomed to it....Another individual factor is to prevent throwing back the head while sleeping on your back, and inappropriate tilt of the head while sleeping on the side, the pillow should follow the contours of the body."
-- Maxim Bazhutov, massage therapist at the "Baza" fitness club, with over 7 years of experience.
Overall, if you're a back sleeper, you might want to try a memory foam pillow with a dip in the middle and a bit of extra height on the sides.
This way, your head and neck can stay comfy all night long. And if you're a side sleeper, it's important to find a pillow that keeps your head and neck at just the right angle. Don't forget to think about the thickness of the pillow too, in relation to the distance between your shoulders and the mattress. Sweet dreams!

Tips for different sleepers

While most people still sleep with pillows, it is crucial for individuals to assess their preferred sleeping posture before determining whether or not they need a pillow.
For those side sleepers and back sleepers, it is wise to select an appropriate pillow for a restful sleep. However, for stomach sleepers, it is worth considering forgoing the use of a pillow.
Besides, the above mentioned are general pillow solutions, if you need to specifically customize a whole sleep solution which suits you perfectly, we can provide different people with the suitable selections including pillows, mattresses, toppers and other sleeping products to improve your sleeping experience. Feel free to browse our products list and create a sleep solution that best suits your needs.