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When it comes to the King & California King mattress (henceforth abbreviated as Cal king), many people misunderstand that the Cal king mattress is bigger than the king, but this is not the case. Although the Carl king is 4 inches longer than the King, its width is 4 inches shorter than the King's, resulting in a smaller surface area. If you hesitate between king and Cal King mattress, please read on to discover their differences and choose the size that suits you best.

mattress caomparison  king size vs. california king

The Differences between King & Cal King Mattress:

What Size is a King Size Mattress?

A king-size mattress, shaped like a square, is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is the widest mattress size on the market, with a surface area of 6,080 square inches, which is close to that of two twin XL mattresses. So it is a great choice for couples and families with young children or pets sharing the bed than a queen. As the largest mattress, a king does provide plenty of sleeping space for you and your partner to stretch out comfortably, but it also means that it will occupy a considerable amount of bedroom space and be too heavy to move. So you need a master bedroom at least 12 feet by 12 feet to fit it, and the room dimensions of 13 feet by 13 feet would be the best.

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What is a California King Mattress?
The Cal king mattress measures 72 inches x 84 inches and looks more like a rectangle. It is the longest mattress size, with a surface area of 6,048 square inches. A Cal king is also perfect for couples, especially sleepers taller than 6 feet, preventing their feet hanging off the mattress edge. But it seems not wide enough like a king mattress for kids who like to snuggle up with their parents at night, if someone likes to turn around and stretch out when sleeping. The Cal king mattress can also be put on the master bedroom of 12 feet by 12 feet, but the room size of 12 feet by 14 feet, longer in shape, is more in line with the aesthetics and has extra space for other bedding furniture. And another thing to note is that although a Cal king is smaller than a king, it is almost as heavy as the King, which is difficult to move it, too. Plus, when it comes to price, you should know that though the Carl King is more common than before, it is still not as common as the King, and its accessories are the same, so you may need to pay more for it.

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And here is a table to provide a simple summary:

 KingCal King
Wide 76 inches 72 inches
Length 80 inches 84 inches
Surface area 6,080 square inches 6,048 square inches
Benefits A great choice for couples and families sharing one bed with their kids or pets;
Easy to get the right size accessories .
A great choice for couples and those taller than 6 feet;
Nicely fits in narrower space for its extra length.
DrawbacksDifficult to move for its size and weight;
Not good for those taller than 6 feet.
Difficult to move for its size and weight;
Not wide enough for couples and families sharing one bed with their kids or pets;
Difficult to get the right size accessories.
The ideal room dimensions 13 feet by 13 feet 12 feet by 14 feet

Detailed Mattress Comparison Chart: King vs. Cal King Size

Make the Best Choice with this Guide
King and Cal king mattresses are the widest and longest mattress sizes on the market, respectively. Both can provide you and your partner with ample sleeping space, but there are some differences. You can refer to this guide to make the most suitable choice according to your or your partner's height, bedroom dimensions and budget, etc. . And by the way, in Novilla, the king size mattress is available in memory foam mattress and hybrid mattress, both of which can isolate the motion transfer from your partner, kid or pet, providing you the excellent comfort and uninterrupted sleep. Click here, you can know more about Novilla.

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