Mattress Firmness Selection Guide-Novilla
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Mattress Firmness Selection Guide

Is it important to consider what mattress firmness is best for you? Absolutely, yes! To some extent, mattress firmness influences the cushioning and pressure relief performance of a mattress. The different firmness scales provide a wide variety of sleep comfort and accommodate individual needs. However, sometimes people confuse it with the concept of SUPPORT. Here we try to make a distinction between them and list the basic characteristics of each firmness scale & some things to consider when choosing the right firmness. We hope this will be helpful to you.

What’s Mattress Firmness (vs. Support)?

Typically, the firmness is used to describe the feeling of a mattress that you lay on, which is highly subjective and might be slightly different from person to person. Distinctively, support can be defined as the mattress’s ability to keep your spine aligned, which is relatively objective and isn’t the same as firmness. Plus, firmness is directly associated with the comfort layer at the top of a mattress, while support is more related to the base layer. 

Novilla Mattress Firmness Scale

Due to its own subjectivity, the methods used by many manufacturers to measure mattress firmness may vary. But when describing firmness, we will often use a 1-10 scale to help consumers understand it. The lowest number means the softest level, and the highest end, the firmest. And for reference, below is Novilla mattress firmness scale. 

Firmness LevelFeelCharacteristics
10Extra firmbeds have virtually no perceptible sinkage and no conforming.
9Firmbeds provide minimal sinkage and conforming.
8Slightly firmSlightly firm beds still conform comparatively but sink less.
6-7Medium firmbeds conform moderately, and do not sink too much.
4-5Medium softbeds conform fairly closely and just sink some.
2-3Softbeds conform and sink considerably.
1Extra Softbeds closely conform to your body and sink significantly.
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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Mattress Firmness

Sleeping position:

Sleeping position refers the way a person prefers to sleep in bed, including sleeping on back, side, and stomach or even tendency to change positions a lot all night. 
 -For side sleepers, medium soft or medium firm mattresses that provide some extra cushioning for the undue pressure on the shoulders and hips would be the best choices. 
 -For stomach sleepers, they need a firmer mattress than side and back sleeper. Stomach sleepers tend to have pains in their back for an unnatural arch in the lower back, if there is no enough support for the midsection. So medium firm or slightly firm mattresses would be recommended.
-For back and combo sleepers, they may need a firmer sleeping surface that prevent their heavier body parts sinking too much to ensure their spine alignment as much as possible and is responsive enough to help support them timely when changing positions. So the ideal mattress firmness for back & combination sleepers should be medium firm. 

Body weight: 

Body weight or type may influence the feel you sleep on a bed. For instance, light-weight and average sleepers are likely to have sharper pressure points than heavy sleepers when sleep on the same mattress, namely, they need a softer bed to cradle the points and sleep comfortably. Therefore, medium soft and medium firm mattresses are recommended for light-weight and average people, and medium firm and slightly firm mattresses, for heavy people. But still remember, heavy people need to choose at least a 12 inches thick mattress. And Novilla Vitality 12’’ Hybrid Mattress might be the best.

Novilla Mattress Firmness Guide 

Novilla mattresses fall into medium firmness level, which is the best firmness for most sleepers. And in order to meet different needs, Bliss 12’’ Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Vitality 12’’ Hybrid Mattress are designed to deliver a softer feel and strong support for spine alignment, which is friendly to most sleepers. Choosing a just right mattress is not a simple process. So if you have any question, please contact us or join Novilla Facebook group, and we may have a further discussion.

This article is for informational purposes and should not be a substitute for medical advice from your doctor or other professionals.