Queen vs. King Size Mattress - Which Size is Better for You?
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Queen vs. King Size Mattress - Which Size is Better for You?

If you get up with the feeling of aches and pains or being not as comfortable as before, it implies that it’s time for you to pick a new mattress. And before considering what type of mattress you need, choosing a right mattress size is a critical step. Queen vs. king size - which one is better for you? In this guide, we may help you make a decision.

Novilla queen size matrress vs King size mattress

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Queen vs. King Size

Firstly, let’s have a quick look at their main differences. Below is a detailed comparison chart, helping you have a more comprehensive understanding. Plus, the shipping weight referred to here is the weight of Novilla mattresses in queen & king size.

Wide 60 inches 76 inches
Length 80 inches 80 inches
Surface area 4800 square inches 6080 square inches
Benefits Enough space for most single sleepers or couples that don't need a lot of sleeping space;
More legroom for those taller than 6’ than a full mattress;
Easy to get the right size accessories;
Easier to move than the king;
Much more inexpensive than the king.
Enough space for couples and families sharing a bed with a kid or a pet;
More legroom for those taller than 6’ than a full mattress;
Easy to get the right size accessories.
DrawbacksNot friendly for couples sharing the bed with a small kid or petMore expensive than queen (including its bedding essentials); Too heavy to move; Doesn’t fit well in small space.
Minimum recommended room dimensions10 feet by 10 feet12 feet by 12 feet

Detailed Mattress Comparison Chart: Queen vs. King Size

See, width is the key difference between a king and queen size mattress. Couples are typically more suitable to a king mattress, unless their master bedroom is smaller than 12 feet by 12 feet, which cannot provide the necessary space for other furniture. The queen mattress is more popular for singles or couples that don't need a lot of sleeping space, because it can save more bedroom space and the cost of buying mattress, bed frames or accessories. With this chart, it should be known that there is a lot to think about before deciding between king and queen size. Please read on.

Things to Consider: Which Size is Better for you?

Both king and queen mattresses are great choices for couples and families. But there are several things to consider for a perfect purchase:

Sleeping Partner:

If you sleep alone, the queen mattress can undoubtedly provide you with enough sleeping space. However, if you are sharing a bed with others, you need to consider whether your partner loves to stretch or sprawl out, or whether you need to share a bed with your kids or pets frequently. If the answer is yes, a king size mattress will be the best choice for you and your sleep partner(s).


What is your budget for a new mattress? In Novilla, the king size is always 70-110 dollars more expensive than the queen for its extra width. In addition, although both sizes of mattresses are very common, the bedding essentials, such as bed frames, adjustable bases, and related accessories, tend to be more expensive for the king mattress than for the queen. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, a queen mattress may be a better choice.

Bedroom Dimension:

How big is your room? It is necessary to measure the room dimensions before buying a new mattress. We generally recommend that a king-size mattress fits in a room at least 12 feet x 12 feet, and a queen, at least 10 feet x 10 feet. A king is 16 inches wider than a queen, and it requires more extra space for any other furniture such as wardrobes, dressers, chests of drawers, nightstands, and even ottomans. But if you and your partner feel that a queen is not suitable enough, you may have to compromise on the further furniture to pick a king.

Anyway, both king and queen mattresses are available in Novilla. You may click here to browse and pick a right mattress, which will ensure you a sweet sleep.

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