Fluff Pillows Easily with 3 Daily Methods
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Prime Day - A free pillow with any order over $500! Detail
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3 daily methods to fluff pillows easily

No matter how fluffy and cozy your pillow was, there will come a time when the stuffing inside collapses or clumps together, no longer providing fluffy, comfortable sleep support. Most people will probably just buy new pillows, and then, when you learn to use daily methods to give your pillow a "second life," you'll save money on the cost of replacing your pillows so often. Read on and learn about how to fluff pillows easily.

1.Stitch by hand

After washing, the entire pillow, including the stuffing, will turn flat. Now just take five fingers of one hand and five fingers of the other hand by both stitching surfaces and pull in the opposite direction of each other.The stuffing will be distributed all over the thing and fill the space, forming a puffiness. After a little spreading of the stuffing, let things dry some more and continue again.

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2.Dry it

Usually, pillows collapse due to moisture, so the sun can help dry them out and make them fluffier.
For cotton-filled pillows, put the pillow in the dryer for 20 minutes on low heat, as this will replace whipping the pillow repeatedly.The pillows should be completely dry when you remove them, and you can whip them harder by punching them with your fist. Use a low-temperature or airing mode.

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3.Use 2 massage combs

It's a wise move to put out the stuffing and squeeze it between two combs. You'll see the lumps will quickly separate into fibers and turn into a puffy cloud before your eyes. Once you have fluffed up all the stuffing, put it back into the pillowcase and enjoy the result!

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All pillows should be fluffed except for foam pillows. If you insist on doing the daily maintenance, you could greatly extend the life of the pillow and save on replacement costs.