Fix Sagging Mattress: Easy Solutions
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Memorial Day Sale - Buy any two mattresses get free pillows. Detail
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How to Fix a Sagging Mattress?

How long does your last mattress last? Did your last mattress sag? It seems like that mattress sagging is an inevitable part of its life. But why? What can we do if your mattress is sagging but you still have to use it for a period cause it takes time for you to look for a new one? Let's find out all of the answers here.

What causes a mattress sagging?

Regardless of the quality of a bed, it will eventually sag one day. Sagging is usually the result of normal wear and tear on the mattress. Here are some common causes:
1. Mattress aging causes: Memory foam materials soften over time, and the metal coils in built-in springs and hybrid mattresses also lose support due to aging caused by long use. When the internal materials gradually soften over time it will lead to a sagging feeling, and the sense of sleep support will be weakened.
2. Insufficient support of the bed frame: very often people may ignore the influence of the bed frame on the mattress. If the support of a bed frame is poor, or the bed frame has been aging, will not be able to provide the support needed by the mattress, coupled with the pressure of sleeping on the bed, the bed frame can not support and make us sleep on the mattress to produce a significant sagging feeling. If you find that the mattress itself has no problem but has a pronounced sagging sensation, take a final look at your bed frame.
3. Other external factors: In addition to the above reasons, some external factors lead to mattress sagging, such as poor sanitation conditions inside the mattress by insects and cavities, mold corrosion, etc., this will also make the mattress sagging, this situation rarely occurs, but still has a certain possibility.
Sagging of the mattress itself usually occurs in the areas that receive the most pressure over time. Typically, this includes the area that supports the hips and shoulders. A sagging mattress can lead to uneven support, which can significantly reduce comfort and sleep quality. Sagging and aging mattresses are unavoidable, but what can we do when we have to extend their lifespan?

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7 tips on how to fix a sagging mattress:

1. Add an extra layer: When you feel your mattress sagging, the most direct and effective way is to add a layer of mattress topper on the mattress. The problem can be solved in this way temporarily.
2. Pillows for extra support: You can try to place a pillow to provide extra support in areas where are sagging. As mentioned above, the sagging parts are concentrated in the areas that support the hips and shoulders. We can add pillows underneath those parts to provide extra support.
3. Rotate or flip your mattress: When some parts of the mattress are sagging due to long-term pressure, we can try to rotate the direction of the mattress or flip the mattress. We can avoid the sagging part and replace it with another sleeping position in this way.
4. Add a box spring: You could consider putting a box spring under the mattress for extra support. Usually, it works!
5. Change a foundation: Replacing a foundation is a good choice to solve the sagging problem caused by a bed frame. If the support of the bed frame is improved, the support of the mattress can be enhanced as well.
6. Use a piece of plywood: Plywood is also a useful tool for a bed frame that lacks support. You can also improve the support of the mattress to a certain extent by adding a layer of plywood between the bottom of the mattress and the top of the bed frame.
7. Warranty: It's a good idea to look for help from the manufacturer for an ideal solution. Just make sure it is within the warranty period when your mattress is sagging.

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But in general, we can not really fix a sagging mattress. It would only be a temporary solution no matter how you do it. It would be a better idea to contact the manufacturer within the warranty period, or you can replace a new mattress directly. Then we can ensure a comfortable and a higher quality of sleep.

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