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Does warm milk help you sleep

Does warm milk help you sleep

"Warm milk helps sleep" has been considered as some kind of medicine myth. However, scientists and sleep experts have got the clues to confirm the benefits of drinking warm milk before sleep. Read on to get more details.




The tryptophan in milk always gets mentioned during the research. After entering your body, it finally turns into melatonin so that it can help you fall asleep.
Meanwhile, an article from The National Center for Biotechnology Information[1] described the relaxing effects of tryptophan.



Michael Breus, a psychologist and certified sleep specialist, explained that milk often conjures up associations with a loved one who cared for and gave milk as a child, mom, grandma, etc. The soothing association helps relieve anxiety. In addition, in people who are used to drinking milk every night before going to bed, a cup of this drink gives a signal to the brain that it is time to relax and fall asleep.


Warm milk does help people fall asleep, but it is not suitable for everyone. Those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders or indigestion will have flatulence so they should avoid drinking milk before sleep. At the same time, people with liver or cardiovascular disease should avoid drinking milk too in order to make themself worse.
So if your body is able to absorb milk smoothly and doesn't have any related disease, drinking warm milk before sleep will help you fall asleep.
And if milk doesn't fit you, it is wise to select other methods to help you sleep such as upgrading your sleeping solution. Check our product list and build up your dreamy sleeping environment.

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