Stomach Sleeping Benefits & Effects
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Health Benefits of Sleeping on Your Stomach
Health Benefits of Sleeping on Your Stomach

Health Benefits of Sleeping on Your Stomach

In recent years, sleeping on your stomach has been touted to not only prevent snoring but also make falling asleep easier. Is it as real as the hype? To truly understand the ins and outs of this sleep posture, let’s jump into this article and see what’s going on.

Advantages of Sleeping on Your Stomach

●  Keeping airways open

Your tongue and soft palate may sink to the back of your throat when you sleep on your back, resulting in vibrations that cause snoring. The state wherein the tongue falls into the throat, generally known as tongue subsidence, can be prevented by sleeping the stomach down. This leads to unrestricted breathing, thus alleviating snoring.

● Lessen acid reflux

The ability to lessen acid reflux is a further advantage of stomach sleeping. Stomach acid can readily enter your esophagus while you lie on your back, resulting in discomfort and heartburn. In addition to lowering your risk of acid reflux and enabling you to sleep more easily, sleeping on your stomach can help keep the acid in your stomach where it belongs.

Sleep can regulate your mental health

Disadvantages of Sleeping on Your Stomach

● Potential pressure on the neck leading to elevated stress levels due to twisted positioning

● Facial and jaw deformation may occur due to applied pressure

● Hygiene considerations with potential salivation make the bedding unclean

For those already battling lower back tension or neck issues, stomach sleeping can potentially exacerbate these symptoms. It seems though approximately 10% fail to fall asleep unless they are lying prone. in this case, prioritizing comfortable sleep however you achieve it.

How does one select the appropriate stomach-sleeping pillow?


Overly big or small-sized pillows could arch your back improperly thereby pressurizing certain body parts unduly. Regarding width, it largely depends upon the specific position assumed post-turning over. An ideal night's rest might necessitate not just using pillows but positioning them in thoughtful pairs coupled with soft cushions until that sweet comfort spot is found.

Material Considerations

If belly-down is your preferred method of repose, having something gentle against your face becomes critical. When considering pillow materials, similar standards as mattress softness apply. While denser pillows exude warmth, tube variants are yesteryear's choice for staying snug and warm. Yet, bear in mind, that priority numero uno should simply be relaxation and personal comfort levels when touching the pillow surface.

Novilla Shredded Memory Foam Cooling Pillow emerging from collaborative research efforts in targeting snoring prevention and apnea alleviation. This distinctive open-center shape causes zero pressure build-up around your tummy enabling even habitual-back sleepers to transition stylishly towards becoming cozy-stomach dozers. A word of advice for our new belly-sleepers, pillow-hugging is a secret trick to ensure restful sleep!