5 Reasons to Get a Mattress Topper
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novilla topper

Mattresses are an expensive investment, and most of us don’t like to change mattresses frequently. Thus, if you start to consider buying a new one, but aren’t exactly jumping at the chance to part with $1,000 or more of your money, we recommend that you consider buying a mattress topper. Let’s together have a look at our reasons why you need a mattress topper

1. It protects your mattress

Sweat, dead skin, germs, and dirt are some of the biggest culprits in damaging mattresses. Therefore, we recommend that you should use a mattress topper, which not only can act as a protector for your mattress from things like dust mites or stains, and also helps your mattress last longer. In addition, it is easier to clean and cheaper to replace.

2. It adds an extra layer of comfort and support 

The mattress topper provides extra pressure-relieving support to help you relieve back pain and neck pain. Not only this, the mattress topper is the perfect way to enhance your bed and mattress. No matter you prefer a firmer mattress or a softer mattress, it also can help you achieve any feeling you want, and provides a more comfortable and deeper sleep to you. 

3. It’s an affordable way to enhance a mattress

If your mattress is coming to the end of its life, but you currently do not have enough budget to buy a new mattress, then buying a mattress topper is an ideal money-saving choice for you. It is not only a fraction of the price of a mattress, but it also provides the comfort of a new mattress that you might have been craving.

4. It could help you cool down

Summer will be prone to sultry weather, if you buy an unsuitable type of bedding, it will make your sleep sweatier and more restless. Instead of investing in an expensive new mattress, it is better to buy a breathable mattress topper to help you reduce night sweats.

5. It minimizes motion transfer 

If you are often awakened by your partner’s tossing and turning, then investing in a mattress topper will be a wise choice. The memory foam mattress topper can minimize movement transmission so that you will not be disturbed by your partner and have a good night’s sleep.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper-- Novilla

Our memory foam mattress topper is designed with two layers. The first layer is made of cooling gel memory foam, whereas the second layer is made of bamboo charcoal foam. This makes your mattress more comfortable to lie on as it softens firm mattresses. The mattress covers we use are made of organic bamboo fiber, which not only has high breathability, but also effectively resists bacteria and mites, so as to provide you with quality sleep.

novilla topper

More importantly, our products have also been certified by CertiPUR-US & OEKO-TEX. We can provide you with high-quality products and free delivery to your doorstep. If you’ve yet to buy one, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to finally get a good night’s sleep? Come with Novilla!

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