Best Memory Foam Mattress Guide
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novilla memoryfoam mattress
novilla memoryfoam mattress

How to Pick the Best Memory Foam Mattress Without Testing It First

Memory foam mattresses hold a few clear advantages over traditional innerspring mattresses. They distribute your body weight evenly to help you sleep more comfortably at night. And they hug your body in a way that makes it feel like the mattress was made just for you. But did you know that not all memory foam is created equal? Memory foam mattresses can vary in terms of quality, softness, and other features. How do you find your perfect sleep formula? Read on to discover our top tips for choosing a memory foam mattress without testing it first.

Consider Foam Density

Foam density refers to the mattress’s durability. The denser the foam, the more durable it is. Some people prefer a lower-density foam mattress because it’s softer, while higher densities tend to be firmer. The “best” choice in this case is subjective — take your comfort into consideration. Density also matters because it can determine how long your mattress will last. For example, a 5-pound density may outlast a 3-pound density by more than 10 years! Think of mattress density as a way to get more for your money. Paying a little more for a higher foam density could mean getting more years out of your mattress, which can be well worth the extra cost.

Look for “Cool” Features

Some memory foam mattresses are infused with cooling gel, which may help prevent you from feeling too hot when you sleep. This cooling gel pulls away body heat to leave you comfortable even on warm, humid nights. The gel also has another benefit: it helps your mattress spring back to its natural shape faster. They’re also highly breathable and don’t make you feel “stuck” like non-gel mattresses do.

Know the Mattress’s mmHg

In the mattress industry, mmHg is a unit of measurement that refers to the mattress’s comfort level and how it reacts against pressure. Every time you climb into bed, your body puts pressure on the mattress, and the mattress puts pressure on your body. When pressure is uneven, it can create pressure points that cause certain spots on your body to become sore. In turn, this can lead to more tossing and turning every night, which makes for a terrible night’s sleep. A lower mmHg means that the mattress will place less stress and pressure on your body, which reduces the pressure points and can help you sleep better at night. Anything below a 32 mmHg rating should be considered as a pressure-relieving mattress.

Choose Organic Memory Foam

Remember that not all memory foam is created equal. This couldn’t be more evident than in terms of materials. Many cheaper mattresses will be coated in chemicals, whose smells will be masked with industrial perfumes or fragrances. However, these chemicals may still give off toxic VOCs that you’ll be breathing in when you sleep. This isn’t the case when you choose an organic memory foam mattress. You don’t have to worry about toxins lurking where you sleep, nor do you need to wonder about any synthetic ingredients that could pose a health risk. All materials are made using natural materials and are of higher quality compared to cheaper synthetic mattresses. When in doubt, check to see if the manufacturer is CertiPUR-US certified.

Check the ILD Rating

The ILD Rating is another comfort factor indicating the firmness of a mattress. A low ILD rating (10-11) are soft and ideal for top layers. Higher ILD ratings (20-40) are firmer and can help prevent low back pain. Ideally, you’ll select a mattress with a low ILD rating for the top layer and a higher ILD rating for inner layers to support your back.

novilla memoryfoam mattress

Find Your Best Night’s Sleep with Novilla

Eco-friendly and organic, Novilla mattresses are made with a great night’s sleep in mind. Not only are our organic mattresses comfortable to sleep on, but you also gain peace of mind knowing we use only natural materials and take your health and comfort as seriously as you do. A cool, comfortable night’s sleep is just a mattress away. Shop our collection of organic memory foam mattresses today!

Are you ready to finally get a good night’s sleep? Come with Novilla!

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