6 Quick Tips to Eliminate Dog Smells on Furniture
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6 Tips to clean dog smell on furniture

6 Tips to clean dog smell on furniture

Nearly 56% of people live with their dogs. They'll enjoy the happiness and company of their dogs but meanwhile, they have to handle the dog smell everywhere in their home. If you're suffering from dog smell, read on and get tips.

Daily methods

Add these progress into your daily cleaning routine to make sure your furniture are in good condition.


①Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your large furniture such as a sofa. And it's necessary to pay attention to cleaning the dog's fur which is attached to grease and always brings a strong stink.


②Put machine-washable items (cushions, blankets, covers) into the washing machine every week.


③Make homemade natural cleaner with simple ingredients - baking soda, vinegar, citric acid, or essential oil. Spray on furniture and it'll help you maintain your furniture without any harm.

Special solutions

When the dog smell becomes very strong and unbearable, try these effective solutions.


①If you need to clean your valuable furniture or interior, use professional upholstery cleaner.

bio-enzyme cleaner

②Spray bio-enzyme cleaner and wipe carefully when you're cleaning those smelly objects.


③In severe cases, rent a steam cleaner to eliminate all the bacteria and viruses completely on and inside your furniture.


The ideas mentioned above are widely proven. Just try them on your own terms to clean dog smell.
But there is a smarter idea to free you from dog smell - make your dog get proper house training and keep it clean. It's always too late to take a solution after your furniture becomes smelly.
Besides you should notice that if your dog's sweat, grease, or even feces have totally seeped into your furniture and continue bringing stink, it only leaves 2 choices: hire a professional cleaner or purchase new furniture.