Polywood Furniture Cleaning Guide
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How to Clean Polywood Furniture
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How to Clean Polywood Furniture

Firstly, we should figure out what is polywood furniture.
built of Polywood typically has three or more layers of board-like material and an odd number of veneer layers. The adjacent veneer layers are glued perpendicular to one another in the fiber direction. One of the most often used furniture materials is polywood, which is also one of the three main boards used to make artificial panels. Polywood is a material widely used for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, construction, and packing boxes. Polywood can increase the use of wood, which is a significant way to conserve wood.

How to Clean Polywood Furniture

Tips for Cleaning Polywood Furniture

Maintaining and cleaning polywood properly can help it last longer when used on a daily basis.

1.Avoid soaking

Polywood should only be wiped down with a damp rag rather than being thoroughly soaked in water. Polywood is multi-layer compacted, being soaked in water can result in degummed. Additionally, soaking polywood will increase its moisture content, making it more likely to mold and easier to come unglued and apart, both of which have a negative impact on the completed polywood’s structural strength.

How to Clean Polywood Furniture

2.Choose the optimal cleaning tools

Selecting the appropriate cleaning tools is the first step in cleaning polywood furniture. A nice absorbent cotton cloth is typically the best cleaning tool, which can prevent the scratching of abrasive fabrics on polywood furniture, but it can also prevent threads and other filamentous things from being entangled in the gaps of panels.

3.A correct cleaning method

The type of cleaning method you chose is also crucial, polywood furniture should not be soaked in water as aforementioned since water can ruin its original structure. Avoid washing polywood furniture with water directly when cleaning it. Dusty polywood furniture can be cleaned directly by wiping with a damp rag rather than a household cleaning sponge which can scratch the surface of the furniture due to excessive friction. In addition, choose a cleaner that is mild and does not cause erosion and damage to the polywood furniture itself.

How to Clean Polywood Furniture

4.Water contains alkali and hot water should be avoided

Alkaline water and hot water can damage the lacquer surface of polywood furniture. Should the polywood surface of the furniture is stained with alkaline or hot water, wipe it off with water in time and then apply a light coat of wax.

5.keep ventilated

The polywood will quickly swell and deteriorate if it is kept in a damp, poorly ventilated area. The polywood used outside or the occasion with high demands of waterproofing should consider using polywood of Class I or Class II.

How to Clean Polywood Furniture

How to maintain polywood furniture?

  • Polywood furniture should be placed smoothly to prevent damage to the mortise and tenon structure.
  • Polywood furniture should not be exposed to the sun directly to prevent deformation.
  • Avoid placing in a humid and poorly ventilated place, or increasing the likelihood of moisture expansion and distortion.
  • For large pieces of polywood furniture, heavy objects should not be put on the tops of it since they are easily deformed.
  • If there are cracks in the polywood furniture, apply putty and pigment mix and nestle to prevent cracks from extending and expanding.