Top 5 Beauty Sleep Benefits Revealed
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5 benefits you need to know about beauty sleep

5 benefits you need to know about beauty sleep

Beauty sleep - helps you become more beautiful

Though everyone knows that they they should sleep 7 ~ 9 hours is good for health, few people will honestly sleep at least 7 hours. In fact, good sleep not only brings benefits to your health but also makes you more beautiful -- this means that if you don't get enough sleep, you may become "uglier".

We've collected 5 of the most obvious benefits of beauty sleep and it's up to you to decide if you will get a good sleep or not.

5 most important benefits of beauty sleep

①Improvement of facial skin


Now we know a fact: during sleep, your skin will produce collagen to prove your skin's elasticity, keep your facial contours, and reduce wrinkles.

Actually, this is the core repeatedly emphasized by all kinds of beauty and skincare products and is the most important point of beauty sleep.

②Improvement of eye-area skin

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Only with sufficient sleep, you keep your skin of eye area beautiful. If you don't sleep well, the muscles around your eyes will be damaged seriously. Meanwhile, due to the lack of collagen, the skin under your eyes will become sagging. When fluid builds up, your eyes will look swollen for hours to a day.

*By the way, we always think that dark circles are firmly associated with insomnia. In fact, research shows that dark circles only correlate with genetic, eye area structure, and melanin.

③Improvement of head skin

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From a natural opinion, only those who sleep well could have thick and beautiful hair. Beauty sleep offers sufficient nutrients to head skin so that the hair follicles are saved from shrinking or even becoming "hibernation".
Experts also explain that from the opposite. Senior biologist and journalist Podakina Vera Viktorovna gave an explanation on a health forum - medaboutme:
"Stress and fatigue brought on by lack of sleep will inevitably lead to hair loss. First of all stress and fatigue raise the level of cortisol in the body, which leads to the narrowing of capillaries supplying blood to the scalp and hair follicles, which in turn reduces the blood supply and impairs the nutrition of hair follicles. The end result is that the hair follicles, which have been functioning for a long time, suddenly stop and freeze, and the hair that does grow falls out."

④Help with weight control


Beauty sleep supports the hormonal balance. In short, it reduces hunger and increases satiety. This helps you balance the "scales" of your appetite. Once this natural balance gets disturbed by insomnia, overeating and obesity will follow.

⑤Improve the effectiveness of skin care products


It's easy to understand that beauty sleep brings healthy blood circulation so that the soothing blood flow helps your skin absorb the ingredients of those skincare products.


Doris Day, a dermatologist, told her subscribers :
"It's not just the length of sleep that is important for a good night's rest, but other factors as well, including the temperature and humidity of the room, the right pillow, and even the pleasant texture of the bedding. Sleep in a room that is not too hot and well ventilated. Better - with a natural inflow of fresh air. If the room is heated during the cold season, it is important to keep an eye on the air humidity level. If the humidity is less than 50%, you should find a way to increase this indicator, otherwise your skin will dry out overnight and lose its freshness. To reduce swelling, try not to drink too much water before bedtime, and also raise the headboard of your bed slightly. Sometimes persistent swelling around the eyes can be a symptom of illness. If they do not go away even with a normal sleep routine, it is worth seeing a doctor and having your body examined."
And of course it's a smart choice to build up a set of comfortable bed for beauty sleep. If you need to specifically customize a whole sleep solution which suits you perfectly, we can provide different people with the suitable selections including pillows, mattresses, toppers and other sleeping products to improve your sleeping experience. Feel free to browse our products list and create a sleep solution that best suits your needs.