Secrets Behind Hotel Bed Comfort Unveiled
Prime Day - A free pillow with any order over $500! Detail
Prime Day - A free pillow with any order over $500! Detail
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Why hotel beds are so comfortable

People always feel the ultimate comfort of a hotel bed whenever they lie down their tired bodies on it. How do the hotel make it? The fact is : a huge bed on which you sleep so sweetly is one of the main trump cards of a good hotel. And not for nothing, because hotels are first and foremost about rest. And lodging counts in nights, not days - for a reason. Now we're going to show you the truth behind their comfy beds.

1.Starting with research

Those hotel managers don't go to the store and say, "Oh, that's a nice, soft mattress, let's buy 100 of those for our hotel!" In fact, hotels will spend more than a year researching mattresses to see if it's right for them. To offer the best sleep, they'll send questionnaires, do marketing research, and compare their conditions to those of rival hotels.

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The sleep experts in the hotel will prepare the most suitable mattresses for the rooms after researching.
According to the bedding program, most of our hotel rooms are equipped with 1.8*2m setra beds. This bed is used both as a single bed and as a double bed if a couple is staying in the room. There are also 34 rooms equipped with two twin beds of a slightly smaller width - 1.6*2 meters. - says Tatiana Yudina, Director of Hotel Services at Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora.

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In many hotels, guests can cover themselves with as many as three types of blankets, one softer than the other. They are called by "quilt", comforter, and duvet. A quilt is an analog of a quilted bedspread, but thicker, it is usually used to cover the bed. A comforter is essentially the equivalent of a traditional quilt. And duvet - what is commonly called a featherbed, a huge quilted blanket stuffed with down. A soft mattress and several blankets of exceptional quality - you bet your sleep won't be sweet!

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The bedding is another thing that hotels do not skimp on. As a rule, hotels use expensive Egyptian cotton: as a result, the sheets feel light, breathable, and soft.

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Pillows always play an important role in a good night sleep. So the hotels usually have a large selection of pillows for all occasions. If the guest is not allergic, the room is likely to have pillows made of down or down feathers. They comfortably fit the head during rest - another guarantee of a comfortable sleep.

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From prior research on each component, hotel beds are a central part of a hotel manager's business philosophy. Only the most suitable combination will offer a good night's sleep to every customer. And that's the reason why hotel beds are so comfortable.